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US Senator Embarrasses Himself and Exposes American Hypocrisy

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Why does the US want to ban TikTok? The TikTok CEO testified in Congress and admitted that he has still yet to find out what his company has done that’s wrong. In today’s video I reveal the truth about TikTok and why the US government is attacking this social media app.

0:00 – Intro to TikTok
1:50 – Magic Mind Sponsor
3:10 – Why Can’t America Block Chinese Apps?
4:15 – How US Apps Work in China
5:09 – How TikTok Complies with US Law
6:01 – US Wants to Ban TikTok Because it’s Chinese
7:23 – US Has a Confidence Problem
8:33 – US Really Wants to Buy TikTok
10:00 – How TikTok Would Change if it were American
11:00 – How Facebook Attacked TikTok
11:43 – How Greed Controls the US
13:00 – Rand Paul Shares the Truth
14:16 – Who Owns TikTok?
15:13 – The Hypocrisy of Biden
16:35 – The Truth of TikTok

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