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Millions of American Skip Credit Card and Car Payments! Debt Grows and Defaults Loom

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How Spotify beat Apple at their own game

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Looking Ahead | Polanyi on Polanyi

Kari Polanyi Levitt looks at the challenges facing the world today. We face three existential crises, which we are not even beginning to address:...

The Buffett Indicator Says The Stock Market Is 77% OVERVALUED

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UK GDP Surges as Pandemic Rages

The United Kingdom's GDP has rallied after taking a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the nation's economy remains below pre-pandemic levels. Plus...

Can Saving Too Much Money Cause a Recession?

People are told from the time they get their first job to save money. Save for a car, have an emergency fund, send...

The “Big Three” Credit Rating Agencies in One Minute: Standard & Poor’s/S&P, Moody’s and Fitch Group

Ask a random person if he has ever heard of "S&P" and he might say that yes, the term sounds familiar but then again,...

Interview with Zurich Insurance CEO Mario Greco | Bloomberg Documentary | Banking | Finance

Francine Lacqua speaks with the Zurich Insurance CEO about insuring the future, the biggest risks globally and the importance of sustainability. Leaders with Lacqua -...

How to Find a CoFounder: Starting a Business as a solo founder

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Broadest Collapse of Global Economy Since 1870 But Stock Market At Record High?

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Theranos: when a sociopath convinces investors | Company Forensics

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Target on Chinese Listings & the New Sector of Space

Congress is moving forward on bipartisan legislation that could see Chinese firms stripped from US exchanges if they deny audits from the nation's officials....
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2019’s Best TV Shows

With so many new shows premiering, it's a pretty competitive field, but these debuting series have captivated audiences and critics alike so from streaming...

Banksy’ Vessel Refugees & Migrants Rescued After Overcrowding | NowThis

200+ refugees and migrants on a rescue ship funded by Banksy were transferred to other rescue vessels due to overcrowding while 400+ remain stranded...

Donald Trump promises "orderly transition" on Jan 20

US President Donald Trump has promised an "orderly transition" on Jan 20. The assurance came as Congress certified Joe Biden as the next US...

Argentina: ‘Beginning of the recovery’ – health worker after receiving Sputnik V vaccine

Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Mandatory Credit: Casa Rosada Health workers were the first to receive the coronavirus vaccine in Argentina on Tuesday, when a mass...