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US Missiles STRIKE Russia! Army Colonel Reveals What Happens Next

Colonel Daniel Davis joins the show again to report the latest from the Russia Ukraine War. Joe Biden has authorized Ukraine to strike Russia with US missiles and the Colonel reveals what happens next! Does this escalate the West into World War 3? Will Joe Biden end the war soon? What happens if Donald Trump wins? We discuss all this and more in today’s episode!

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0:00 – Intro to Russia Ukraine Latest War
1:34 – US Allows Ukraine to Fire Missiles into Russia
3:18 – Europe’s Position on Ukraine War is Changing
5:10 – Why Putin Wants to Negotiate a Settlement
8:00 – How the Western Media Lies About Russia
12:00 – What is Ukraine’s Biggest Weakness?
16:29 – Is Zelenskyy an Illegitimate President Now?
19:12 – How Does the 2024 Election Influence the Ukraine War?
24:00 – How US Politics Are Hurting Ukrainian People
27:08 – How Would Donald Trump Handle the Ukraine War?

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