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The CIA: America’s Shadowy Regime Change Machine

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In this eye-opening video, we delve into the history of the CIA and its controversial role in global politics. Since its inception in 1948, the CIA has been involved in numerous covert operations, including the rigging of the Italian election. Despite its original mandate of gathering intelligence, the agency has morphed into a shadowy entity focused on regime change.

Despite being a supposed beacon of freedom, the average American remains largely unaware of the CIA’s actions and their impact on the world stage. With a seemingly unlimited budget, the agency continues to operate in the shadows, shaping the course of nations without public knowledge or consent.

Join us as we explore the dark underbelly of the CIA and its role as America’s regime change machine. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and never underestimate the power of knowledge in a world ruled by secrecy.

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About David:
Dr. Oualaalou served a fifteen-year career in the United States Armed Forces in support of the US government’s security agencies in Washington DC and around the world. His primary roles include security policy, intelligence analysis, security operations advice including leadership and managerial operations. He advised high-profile U.S. military and civilian officials on security issues, economic trends, and foreign military threat information. He has written many articles and books including his latest, The Dynamics of Russia’s Geopolitics: Remaking the Global Order.

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Global Business. She visited corporations in China, India and South Korea among others. Elizabeth is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant. She has visited many countries on four continents including: Asia, North America, South America and Europe. She speaks different languages, her passion is exploring ancient cultures.

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