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New war is here: US prepares ‘open-ended’ bombing of Yemen. Why is Saudi Arabia urging ‘restraint’?

The US government is preparing a “sustained military campaign” in Yemen, according to the Washington Post. Why is Biden waging this war? Who are the “Houthis”? Why is Saudi Arabia urging “restraint”? What is Israel’s role? Ben Norton explains.

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0:00 US wages war on Yemen
4:34 Why did US lose Saudi support?
6:52 Shifting geopolitical order
8:27 Who are Yemen’s ‘Houthis’?
14:16 Geo-economics of Red Sea
20:47 What are US war plans in Yemen?
25:27 Why is Saudi Arabia urging ‘restraint’?
32:40 China is now Middle East’s top trading partner
35:30 US’ historic transition from oil importer to exporter
37:44 Obama boasts of making Wall Street richer and expanding oil production
38:35 Why US-Saudi relations have deteriorated
41:15 Biden breaks campaign promise to end Yemen war
42:30 US creates world’s worst humanitarian crisis… twice
46:36 Outro

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