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Why #Xijinping did not attend G20?

So the G20 wrapped up and the talk of the town was Xi not attending it this time around. The China-obsessed watchers and media had a frenzy with this bit of information- the comments ranging from the crazy takes – like Gordon Chang suggesting with zero evidence that Xi is dealing with a plot to remove him from inside… to Bonnie Glaser suggesting it’s a snub to India and Modi in particular. A similar opinion was shared by Michael Schuman on the Atlantic suggesting it was not only a snub on India but the works order as a whole.
On the topic of world order… Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article quoting a businessman in China who said “No hope China will rejoin the world”…!

So let’s unwrap this weekend’s load of western propaganda, shall we?

These imperialist mouthpieces of the murderous terrorist hegemonic American regime tout the world order as if it were something desirable and supported by the hundreds of countries around the world – yet as the G20 was taking place – CNN reported of 1 million barrels of Iranian oil destined for China having being seized by the US at sea. That is a textbook definition of piracy!
That is the rules based order they defend!
Two countries doing business between themselves / and America stops it because it doesn’t like Iran. And of course it is not the first time this has happened.
We all know US is currently stealing oil from Syria – it’s documented – we all know US seized Afghan funds. We all know US seized Russian funds.
And this abuse goes on and on and on – take the new sanctions imposed on a Chinese company (already under sanctions) for selling technology to Huawei – another Chinese company – while in China!!!
Are you going WTF right now? Good! You’ve got some common sense!

My question to you is – are we – the rest of the world – powerless?
Are we defenseless against this monster called the American government???

The answer is no!
The global south with China at the helm is working on a response and that is exactly why – in my opinion – Xi did not attend G20.

You’re probably unaware that President Maduro from Venezuela is in China visiting different cities and having talks with Beijing. This is something western media won’t even mention in passing during the evening news… but what is the significance of his visit?

In case you didn’t know it, Venezuela has the LARGEST OIL RESERVES in the world!
You heard that right.
And due to sanctions from the American regime, it has trouble extracting it, refining it and selling it. In terms of oil production – Venezuela is an untapped source of prosperity that is being strangled by the US.

Now, imagine bringing Venezuela from under sanctions – imagine bringing Venezuela into the fold of BRICS countries – not necessarily as a full member – but offering alternatives to trading in US dollars or away from the SWIFT system of many transfer? Imagine bringing Venezuela into an energy block that includes Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia —- trading in RMB – and most importantly – creating an energy block that does NOT include America or the EU.


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