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What to Expect When Returning to Work, Employers Hiring Now & Economic Update

Job resources related to COVID-19: https://www.indeed.com/heretohelp
Start your job search: https://www.indeed.com

This week, Lannia shares what you can expect to be different if you are returning to work during COVID-19, and tips on how to self-advocate. SHe also provides a list of this week’s urgently hiring employers and explains how to start a job search while avoiding fraudulent job postings. She concludes by answering some frequently asked questions and sharing some of Indeed’s employment and job search resources.

Indeed Live is a livestream that provides resources and information on searching for a job during COVID-19.

Please leave any questions or comments below. We’re here to help!

0:00 What we’re covering today
2:22 How find a work from home job
2:55 How to tell if an employer is urgently hiring
3:23 How to show employers you’re ready to work immediately
4:28 List of urgently hiring employers
6:17 How to apply for a job on Indeed
7:26 How to report fake jobs
8:20 Impact of COVID on the economy
10:25 What to expect when returning to work
17:28 What’s the difference between preferred experience and required experience?
18:33 How do I set up job alerts?
20:07 Should I list a role I only held for a short period of time on my resume?
22:00 See you next time

More Resources:
-Start your job search: https://www.indeed.com
-Research the job market: https://www.hiringlab.org
-These companies are urgently hiring on Indeed (updated weekly): https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/urgently-hiring-employers
-Ask a question, get advice and contribute your own tips over at the Indeed Community: https://www.indeed.com/community

*The information presented in this webinar does not represent a forecast, prediction, or other indication of future market or economic performance, and should not be relied upon for such purposes.


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