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What The Critics Are Saying About The Invisible Man

Don’t look now, but writer-director Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man is shaping up to be one of the year’s biggest horror hits.

The flick has been screened for critics, and while there is still an embargo on formal reviews, they’re taking to social media in droves to report that The Invisible Man is something you need to see. It’s apparently a tense, terrifying thriller grounded in real-world issues and featuring a performance for the ages from Elisabeth Moss.

A bit of background: The Invisible Man is the result of a major course-correction by studio Universal, which at one point was planning a Marvel-esque series of interconnected franchises based on its classic monster properties. The first in the series, 2017’s remake of The Mummy, also ended up becoming the last when it was savaged by critics and underperformed severely at the box office.

Plans for big-budget tentpole features starring A-list actors based on properties like Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man were subsequently scrapped, and Universal wisely decided to scale back its plans.

Universal’s new approach is to make modestly-budgeted, updated takes on its properties crafted by experienced horror filmmakers. To help implement this plan, the studio partnered with the hitmaking horror studio Blumhouse, and the new Invisible Man is the first fruit of that partnership.

The flick may only be Whannell’s third feature as a director, but the writer and co-creator of Saw proved long ago that he knows a thing or two about horror. His previous movie in the director’s seat, 2018’s Upgrade, also showed a ton of promise – promise upon which he has apparently now delivered. Critics are going absolutely bonkers over The Invisible Man, in no small part due to his direction, and to Elisabeth Moss’ committed performance.

Moss stars as Cecilia Kass, whose boyfriend Adrian was an abusive jerk to her before he apparently went off and mysteriously died. Cecilia eventually becomes convinced that her deceased former lover has returned to torment her as an invisible man, although she understandably has a hard time getting anyone to believe her. Keep watching the video to see what the critics are saying about The Invisible Man!

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