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What It’s Like Living with OCD | Lele Pons x MedCircle

Lele Pons is considered an internet trailblazer in entertainment. Her storytelling arc took a more serious tone in 2020 when she released a docu-series about what it’s like living with OCD.

Watch Lele’s docu-series HERE: https://youtu.be/USfoQp_Py4I

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It’s no secret the 25-year-old Venezuelan-Italian star, Lele Pons, is one of the most successful social media icons with over 45 million followers. Known for her unfiltered videos, candid humor and crazy stunts, In her YouTube documentary series, she revealed her lifelong struggle with OCD, ADHD and Tourette Syndrome. She has been candid about her mental health battles ever since.

00:00 Intro
02:17 Mental health & the entertainment industry
04:14 How the OCD stigma affects Lele
05:56 What Lele’s OCD feels like
07:13 How Lele’s OCD treatment works
11:10 How Lele actually got diagnosed
12:47 How Lele’s symptoms feel today
13:14 A big misconception about mental health
14:25 How Lele balances work & severe OCD
14:51 What makes Lele the happiest
15:35 Balancing social media & mental health
17:10 Lele’s OCD strategies today
18:41 How Lele motivates herself for therapy
19:41 Lele’s advice for people looking for therapy
20:54 Lele’s support & communication strategies
23:18 Final thoughts

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