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What Happened To The Cast Of Tiger King After Netflix

How is Joe Exotic doing after the end of the Netflix series.
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Neflix’s “Tiger King” docu-series is full of epic twists and turns– and a cast of real-life characters that have to be seen to be believed. But we still have so many questions! What’s next for Joe Exotic? Is he still married to John Finlay or Dillon Passage? How’s the G.W. Zoo doing? And did Carole Baskin actually feed her husband to the tigers?

Thankfully everyone is just obsessed as we are, so the “Tiger King” cast has been busy doing interviews and posting on social media to catch everyone up on their crazy adventures since the series stopped shooting. From what John Finlay did to his teeth and how Jeff Lowe is doing to the next step in a major legal battle for Joe Exotic himself, here’s what all the “Tiger King” alum are up to these days.

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