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West Admits Ukraine is Out of Air Defenses and Losing Ground, With No Way to Reverse it

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for July 7, 2024…

– Ukraine has suffered serious losses of what is left of its military aviation in a series of missile strikes on its air bases;

– Ukrainian air defenses are severely depleted, preventing Ukraine from intercepting missiles, drones, and Russian military aviation both deep behind the line of contact and along it;

– The US and its allies are admittedly out of Patriot missiles and systems to send Ukraine, forcing the collective West to resort to increasingly desperate measures to replace damaged or destroyed air defense systems;

– Ukraine is also losing territory along the line of contact;

– Articles spanning from the beginning of Russia’s opening of the Kharkov front to Russian gains in Chasov Yar illustrate exactly how this strategy is working for Russian forces;


Telegraph – Ukraine’s new F-16 fighter jets will be destroyed as soon as they arrive (July 4, 2024):
UK Gov – UK condemns Russia’s bombardment of Ukrainian cities and energy infrastructure: UK statement to the OSCE (April 2024):
NYT – Europe Seeks to Solve the ‘Patriot Puzzle’ in Ukraine (July 4, 2024):

DoD – Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (July 3, 2024):
DoD – Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (June 7, 2024):
Voice of America – US sending Ukraine badly needed air defense missiles (July 3, 2024):
Army Recognition – Germany delivers third Patriot air defense system to Ukraine amid rising Russian missile attacks (July 5, 2024):
Reuters – Zelenskiy: Ukraine wants to double air defence capabilities through the summer (July 6, 2024):
The Guardian – Ukraine war briefing: Ukrainian army confirms retreat from part of key town of Chasiv Yar (July 5, 2024):
NYT – Facing Russian Advance, a Top Ukrainian General Paints a Bleak Picture (May 14, 2024):

Telegraph – Ukraine to be told it is too corrupt to join Nato (July 2, 2024):
New Voice of Ukraine – Anti-corruption group reveals fake companies in Kharkiv fortification contracts (May 2024):
Washington Post – Ukraine says defense officials stole $40 million meant for ammunition (January 2024):
Politico – Ukraine’s ‘people’s satellite’ wreaks havoc on Russian targets (July 1, 2024):
Washington Post – Ukraine’s rocket campaign reliant on U.S. precision targeting, officials say (February 2023):
NYT – Ukraine Asks U.S. to Provide More Intelligence on Targets in Russia (May 17, 2024):

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