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West Admits Jets for Ukraine will Take Years + US Sanctions Blocking Syrian Earthquake Relief

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for February 13, 2023 + US sanctions deliberately compounding Syrian earthquake relief efforts:

– US rep admits US sanctions and occupation of eastern Syria are to prevent reconstruction for use as leverage following Washington’s failed proxy war;

– Russian missiles & drones targeted Ukraine’s power grid inflicting heavy damage nationwide;

– The missile/drone strikes included an unmanned naval drone targeting a bridge in Odessa;

– Western governments and analysts admit that it will take years to send Ukraine NATO jets;

– Any appearance beforehand means NATO pilots are posing as Ukrainian pilots;

– CNN claims captured “Wagner” fighters say Russia is suffering heavy losses, CNN suggests 80% of the 50,000 Wagner recruited have died, been injured, or are captured;

– This suggests only 10k Wagner fighters are outfighting/surrounding Ukrainian troops in Bakhmut;

– CNN used US-EU supported front “Russia Behind Bars” to back claims in report, a similar tactic used during the US proxy war in Syria;


WaPo – Lifting sanctions on Syria won’t help earthquake victims:
Archived version with original headline:
US DoD – Dana Stroul:
Hands off Syria – “Dana Stroul, Biden official, boasts that Washington “owns” one third of Syria” (2019):

FT – Russia launches fresh missile bombardment on Ukraine (February 12, 2023):
Reuters – Ukraine says three major regions can avoid power cuts after attacks (February 11, 2023):
Telegraph (UK) – Russia strikes key Odessa bridge with first use of drone boat:

Unfolding Offensives and Counter-Offensives in Ukraine

UK Gov – PM extends Ukraine military training to pilots and marines as President Zelensky makes first visit to the UK since Russian invasion (February 8, 2023):
Reuters – ‘No magic wand’ in Ukraine war, says UK’s Wallace on question of supplying jets (February 3, 2023):
Air & Space Forces Magazine – Romania Is a Model for Training Ukraine’s Pilots to Fly F-16s (August 2022):

Romania Is a Model for Training Ukraine’s Pilots to Fly F-16s

Reuters – Ukraine says pilots would need six months for F-16 combat training (January 27, 2023):
CNN – ‘Just to survive’: Wagner fighters recount the horrors of battle in eastern Ukraine (February 2023):
CNN – UK sanctions British blogger over videos from Ukraine (July 2022):
US NED – 2019 Vaclav Havel Journalism Fellows:

Reporting From the Front Lines of Authoritarianism: A Conversation With the 2019 Vaclav Havel Journalism Fellows

Bloomberg – When Russian Officials ‘Nightmare’ Your Business, You Can Lose Everything—Even Your Life (2018, admission Russia Behind Bars sought EU funding):
Khodorkovsky – What is Open Russia?

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