Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Weird vs. Normal: Food Face Off

Does it bother you when people eat things in weird ways? What are weird food combinations? Today we’re going to show you a ridiculous amount of weird food combinations compared to the ordinary.

0:00 The Games RULES
0:53 Banana Grilled Cheese
2:10 Salt & Pepper Apples
2:35 Peanut Coca Cola
3:26 Oreo Pickle Sandwich
4:17 Raw Ramen and Peanutbutter
5:10. Marshmallows and Flaming Hot Cheetos
5:50 Hardboiled Egg Ketchup Cup
7:05 Cereal and Orange Juice
8:09 Pringles and Whipped Cream
8:53 Soy Sauce and Ice Cream

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