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Weird Things About Captain America & Peggy Carter’s Relationship

From the strange side effects of long-distance relationships that wind up going fully multiversal to the challenges of a super-soldier serum glow-up, here are some pretty weird things about Captain America and Peggy Carter’s relationship.

We might as well start by acknowledging that even in its most basic form, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter’s relationship is definitely weird when you compare it to traditional love stories. From Peggy’s point of view, it involves a man who dies and then comes back 70 years later looking exactly as handsome as he did in 1941. The decades in the middle were occupied by a long and successful career as a spy, not to mention a marriage to someone else and two kids that we never even learn about.

From Steve’s point of view, it’s even weirder. As far as he’s concerned, he goes to what he thinks is his death, only to wake up a few seconds later to find that everything, including Peggy, has moved on into the next century without him. He goes immediately from promising to take her dancing to hanging out with her as she’s dying of old age after a long life that he wasn’t really a part of. Then, he goes back in time to put a ring on it after seeing her on her literal deathbed. He was at her funeral before he was at their wedding. That’s not usually the right order for those, unless something has gone terribly wrong. And then we get into the really weird stuff.

Watch the video for more Weird Things About Captain America & Peggy Carter’s Relationship!

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It goes with the territory | 0:00
Relative romance | 1:19
Cap + Sharon 4 Never | 2:59
Family ties | 4:08
Picture imperfect | 5:14
Shooting her shot | 6:39
Time after time | 7:54
Foresight is 20/20 | 8:50

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