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We Raised $100K For Single Fathers In Korea | THE VOICELESS #37

Last year, we were able to capture a heartbreaking and inspirational story of Ji-Hwan, who, despite his own financial struggles raising his daughter on his own, was running an organization to help other single fathers in Korea. If you haven’t seen that video yet, you should watch it first to understand the context ►

He really wanted to see us again and show us how he used the money to help fellow single fathers. If you still want to donate, you can visit his crowdfunding page here

He also wanted to throw a surprise event for one of his single father contacts, so we went to see him.
We want to thank Bae Jin-Soo for sharing his story and wish him all the best for him and his daughter Surin. If you want to share your own heartwarming stories in a super positive & informative online community, you should check out our new community app called Mogao. It’s a community full of supportive, intellectual curious individuals from all over the world. Download our app here:
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