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We need to talk about Not-Sh*t Independents | with Simon Holmes à Court

Juice Podcast 27. In which I chat with Simon Holmes à Court about Hung Parliaments, Not-Shit Independents and how they can help end this shit-stained Government at the 2022 election.

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✅ Find out more about the Not-Shit candidates/MPs Simon mentions in the podcast:
🔹 Helen Haines in Indi
🔹 Zali Steggal in Warringah
🔹 Andrew Wilkie in Clark:
🔹 Rebekha Sharkie in Mayo
🔹 Zoe Daniel in Goldstein
🔹 Sonja Semmens in Higgins
🔹 Monique Ryan in Kooyong
🔹 Sophie Scamps in Mackellar
🔹 Allegra Spender in Wentworth
🔹 Jo Dyer in Boothby
🔹 Penny Ackery in Hume
🔹 Rob Priestly in Nicholls
🔹 Kylea Tink in North Sydney
🔹 Suzie Holt in Groom
🔹 David Pocock ACT Senate

00:00 Giordano Intro
02:40 Simon Holmes à Court welcome
04:11 The Climate200
05:47 Cathy McGowan
07:10 Leveling the playing field
08:41 Why Indys are a threat to the LNP feat. Malcolm Turnbull
15:22 Hung Parliaments
18:55 Minority governments
25:03 The Coalition
30:42 How to make your vote count
42:19 New donor laws
43:44 Not-Shit Candidates in the 2022 election
52:32 Giordano Conclusion

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👉 Editor and Producer: Ellen Burbidge

🎹 Music by Tom Day

📜 Captions transcribed by Jesse Dowse

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