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We need to talk about how to vote | with Giordano & Ellen

We’ve been getting lots of questions about how to vote since our election Honest Government Ads and there’s no way we can answer them all individually – so we made a video. Thanks to Ellen for joining me on this one!

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🔸 AEC: How to vote in the House of Reps:
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👉 Editor and Producer: Ellen Burbidge

🎹 Music by Tom Day

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00:00 Hi!
01:02 The basics
01:28 How to vote in the House of Reps
02:15 How to vote in the Senate
03:13 Preferences and How-to-Vote cards
04:44 Who is Not-Sh*t on climate?
05:54 Not-Sh*t Independents
06:44 How to elect Not-Sh*t climate candidates
07:50 Don’t forget the Senate
08:35 What’s a Hung Parliament?
09:29 Outro

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