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Village Life in China – EGG Fried Rice Made by Auntie is NEXT LEVEL!!!

Get ready for the most AMAZING egg fried rice recipe DEEP in the village in China!

In this Chinese egg fried rice recipe video, you’ll learn how to make amazing egg fried rice. Here is the full recipe below:

Cook one cup of rice to 1 and a half cups of rice in your rice cooker. Let it cool down, overnight ideally in the fridge.

Then, chop a half a carrot into small cubes the size of peas. Boil your peas and carrots in water for 3 minutes and strain out. Set aside. Slice some green onions into small slivers and set aside.

Separate one egg yolk and mix into your cool rice. You can do two egg yolks as well. Keep the egg whites on the side.

Heat up your wok on max heat and add in one large ladle of oil. Wait until it smokes. Then pour the oil out back into your oil bowl. Turn the wok down to mid heat. This ensures the wok is seasoned nicely and ready for your ingredients so they don’t stick.

Now we are ready to make the full egg fried rice recipe!

With the wok on medium heat, add in your egg whites and immediately crack another egg in with the yolk and white as well, so you have some egg white and a whole egg in there. Stir vigorously. Once it’s cooked through and before it starts to brown, add in your rice.

Immediately smash it down with your ladle and flatten it out to separate all the grains. Keep doing this and mixing the rice until you can see all the egg mixed through.

Add in a ladle of your peas and carrots into the rice and mix vigorously.

Add in 2/3 tea spoon salt. 2/3 teaspoon MSG, and 2/3 teaspoon chicken essence.

Now is when we turn the wok up to max heat. Add in your green onions, stir fry vigorously for about 10 seconds, and serve!

I hope you enjoyed this Chinese fried rice recipe!
00:00 Introduction
00:34 Sichuan Kitchen
02:41 Choosing ingredients at market
05:22 Making rice
06:17 Prepping ingredients
08:57 Egg fried rice recipe
14:37 Auntie Yang’s version
18:10 Time to eat


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