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Vacationing in China is Hard Right Now – Here’s Why | VHS Family Vlog

Vacationing in China is hard right now – and here’s why!
It’s the May Holiday (aka Labour Day) and we have a small window of opportunity to have a vacation here in Shenzhen China. Forget trying to leave the city, vacationing can only be done in the city you live these days due to you-know-what.

Try booking anything outside your city or province and run the risk of it being canceled and you being stranded, your health code turning yellow, a possible, sudden lockdown – or worse – being locked out of your home city.

So, for this vacation, we stayed in Shenzhen, where we live, and booked a traditional Chinese-style hotel in Dapeng Old Fortress near the beach.
Dapeng is a small beach town about 2 hours away from Shenzhen City. We had the best time visiting this beach town last year, so we figured it would be a good idea to go back…

Knowing there will be restrictions, we were prepared for some annoying things, but what awaited us nobody would have expected. An apocalyptic beach, heavy rainfall and police with megaphones everywhere.

Come and join us on this little gettaway in Dapeng, Shenzhen, where even Jail Beach couldn’t stop us from having a little fun.

To Be Continued…

Original music by David W. Kay.

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