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USA: Pro-choice and pro life protesters face off as supreme court considers abortion ban arguments

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Dozens of pro-choice and pro-life activists faced-off outside the Supreme Court on Monday in Washington DC as it was hearing the arguments on the Texas 6-weeks abortion ban.
The two cases presented today at the Supreme Court were the abortion provider, Whole Women’s Health and the Department of Justice challenge of the ban known as SP8, that bars most abortions in Texas after about six weeks of pregnancy.
The author of the bill and the Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes, while speaking outside the Supreme Court told the reporters that he believes that the Supreme Court will allow the law to stay in place until it hears the arguments on its merits.
The reproductive rights advocates and the CEO of the Whole Woman’s Health Amy Hagstrom Miller, attended the event challenging the ban.

SOT, Speaker: “We want to pray for the solicitor general, we want to pray for all those who are arguing this case right now.”

SOT, Speaker at pro-choice rally: “All SP8 does is making women choices more dangerous, it doesn’t prevent women from getting procedures will make it just harder for it to get done. If you taking away a choice you are taking away a safe avenue. I had no idea this was coming, I was blindsided. Not only this limits our rights a woman’s right, it makes her feel trapped. Six weeks is not a long enough time to be pregnant unless you are watching your body every moment, you are too late.”

SOT, Speaker at pro-choice rally: “When states like Texas pass laws like SP8 I return back in time and I think about how my situation would have been completely different if it was under SP8. And what comes to mind all of the people who helped me. Would they have been sued?”

SOT, Bryan Hughes, Texas State Senator: “The only question before the court today is is whether the law would be blocked before the full proceedings on the merits. They are not looking into constitutionality , they will do that later. And yet this law was written to withstand this review based on the constitution, law and the government s role to protect the human life. If that little baby growing inside her mothers womb is a human being that life has got to be protected. And we can love and support and protect the mother while we do this.”

SOT, Bryan Hughes, Texas State Senator: “Obviously we looked at the constitution, looked at every Supreme Court president, every Circuit court president , other state laws and wrote this in a way that would save lives and again stand up to do some review. We knew we would be in front of the Supreme Court and this is not a surprise . We believe they would follow the judicial right thing and let this law stand in place.”

SOT, Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO Whole Woman’s Health: “So we are encouraged by that sneak of urgency that the court has. I think it’s important to keep in mind that ten percent of people of reproductive age in this country live in Texas. This is a very significant ban that affects people not only in Texas but all the surrounding states have been affected by all the people leaving Texas trying to get access to safe abortion care. A ban on abortion doesn’t do anything to reduce the need for abortion, we still have the same amount of people in Texas who need the care and they deserve access to safe care from professionally trained people like the clinics staff at Whole Women’s health.”

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