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USA: Boston filled with joy as locals make the most out of heavy snowfall

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Boston residents enjoyed slopes covered with a thick layer of snow, as people were spotted sliding down on cardboards and sleds, Sunday. The city tied its record-high single-day snowfall with 23.6 inches (59.9 centimetres) of snow falling the day before.
While some enjoyed the weather skating in a park, others were seen cleaning the snow from their vehicles and shoveling the pavements, saying that such a snowfall is something they got used to seeing in New England.
The last time Boston saw an equal amount of snowfall in a single day was February 17, 2003, according to National Weather Service records.

SOT, Sam McCorkle, Local resident: “We actually got this sledge from someone else. First, we were using this cardboard, because we did not have one, but a really nice lady gave us this one to us, so we’ve been using this one since.”

SOT, Seth Koeppel, Local resident: “It is winter in New England, we welcome it. You cannot live here and not have it. We have been lucky that it is almost February 1st and it is our first major snow storm. All in all, pretty good deal.”

SOT, Seth Koeppel, Local resident: “Just cleaning up the stairs and take advantage of the sun, so it will melt and it will be safe for everybody. It is a light snow, that is the good news. We had much heavier weather snow, which is debilitating – this is light and fluffy. Hopefully it will not last too long.”

SOT, Sarah McLaughlin, Local resident: “I am from New England, so I am kind of used to this. I never really enjoy winter, but it is where I have been most of my life. It is part of living in this beautiful part of the country.”

SOT, Todd Goldberg, Local resident: “It is just digging out, trying not to overdo it and take my time, I have all day, it is Sunday – that is a good thing and it is going fine.”

SOT, Todd Goldberg, Local resident: “You know, it is part of living here, I guess. For shoveling, if we had half of this amount, I would be still out here doing this, so it is just part of being in New England.”

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