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USA: Ambassador Bridge to Canada remains closed as truckers protest continues

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Protesters used their vehicles to block the crucial Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor for the third day of protests against vaccination restrictions on Wednesday night and into the early hours of Thursday.

Trucks blocked the bridge whilst some protesters stood and carried supplies to their vehicles. Canadian flags were attached to many of the protesters cars.

The Canadian truckers protest, called the “Freedom Convoy,” started two weeks ago in Ottawa and have since spilled to other provinces. The movement opposes a policy forcing unvaccinated travelers – including truckers – to quarantine upon entering Canada. Truckers were previously exempt from the requirement.

The Ambassador Bridge, which connects Ontario with Michigan, is, according to the US Department of Transportation, the “single busiest land border crossing in North America.”

The bridge has been blocked since Monday afternoon, with US-bound traffic partially reopening on Tuesday morning. Traffic from the US into Canada remains blocked.

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