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US Warns Southeast Asia of “Chinese Coercion,” Then Coerces Southeast Asia into Anti-China Agenda

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US Coerces Asia into Joining Anti-China Agenda

– The US seeks to turn Southeast Asia into a united front against China, despite China representing the region’s largest trade partner, investor, source of tourism, infrastructure developer and even defense supplier;

– Washington is using a combination of political and economic coercion including ongoing political interference and regime-change operations to politically capture the region, similar to what the US has done in Eastern Europe to create a united front against Russia;

– US-funded opposition parties are attempting to seize political power across Southeast Asia while US-funded media platforms and organizations consolidate control over the region’s information space;

– The US also funds opposition groups dedicated to blocking or delaying infrastructure projects including joint projects with China covering everything from dams to railways;

– Through programs like Fulbright and Chevening scholarships or the US government’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) the US is creating cadres political, business, and media administrators serving US interests in the region at the cost of the region’s best interests;

– Southeast Asia may suffer the same fate as Eastern Europe, a region irrationally opposed to Russia at the cost of its economic, social, and political stability;

– In order for Southeast Asia to preserve its sovereignty it must create national and regional security arrangements to block US interference, regain control over national and regional information space, and create education systems capable of producing the human resources required to administer sovereign states rather than maintain or expand US vassalage;


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