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US Think Tank Admits Russia’s Massive & Growing Military Industrial Output

– US think tank CSIS admits previous claims of Russia’s flagging military industrial output were inaccurate;

– CSIS reports massive production numbers of Russian tanks, artillery guns and shells, as well as drones, missiles, and electronic warfare systems;

– CSIS recommendations are decoupled with reality and the prerequisites required to expand military industrial production across the West to catch up to Russia;


CSIS – Back in Stock? The State of Russia’s Defense Industry after Two Years of the War (April 22, 2024):
CSIS – Out of Stock? Assessing the Impact of Sanctions on Russia’s Defense Industry (April 14, 2023):
Defense Express – U.S. Made 75 M1 Abrams Per Month in the 1980s, Now 12 is the Limit (November 2023):
Politico – U.S. to send Ukraine more advanced Abrams tanks — but no secret armor (January 2023):
The Telegraph – Russia has found the critical vulnerability in Nato’s American tanks (April 26, 2024):
CNN – Exclusive: Russia producing three times more artillery shells than US and Europe for Ukraine (March 2024):
CSIS – Expanding Equipment Options for Ukraine: The Case of Artillery (January 2023):

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