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US Proxy Wars: Ukraine Crumbles, Gaza Burns, as Tensions Rise in Asia-Pacific

Update on Ukraine, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific for November 19, 2023…

– The Ukraine proxy war is at a dead end with Russia inevitably winning unless the US and its allies intervene more directly;

– Russia has been stockpiling missiles over the past several months for what could be a massive offensive or possibly in preparation for multiple contingencies related to US-NATO involvement in either Ukraine, the Middle East, or both;

– Israel military operations in Gaza continue erasing the civilian population from Gaza City with the Israeli military recently ordering the “evacuation” of the Al Shifa Hospital;

– The evacuation of Al Shifa Hospital, besides being ordered by Israel, has been necessitated by the humanitarian crisis Israeli forces have created by cutting off food, energy, and other essential services across Gaza;

– Israeli government decision to allow “2 trucks” to enter Gaza daily to provide fuel and sewage services equates to maintaining the blockage;

– Israeli administration continues insisting operations seek to eliminate Hama despite the fact it maneuvered Hamas into power in the first place, specifically to serve as a pretext to erase Gaza and provoke conflict in the region;

– Even as the US invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to the US for the APEC Summit, the US continues its policy of encircling China in Asia-Pacific;

– The US continues arming Taiwan despite officially recognizing Taiwan as part of China under the US’ “One China” policy;

– The US has signed a “nuclear deal” with the Philippines after Manila canceled joint rail projects with China, signaling a continued shift away from development and toward crippling dependence on the US;

– A moth-balled nuclear power plant exists in the Philippines, construction initiated by the current president’s father, but shut down amid safety and corruption concerns;


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U.S. Relations With Taiwan

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