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US HIMARS vs. Russia’s Tornado-S

The Western media continues singing the praises of US HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems as well as the arrival of M270s from US allies across Europe. However claims that these rocket launchers are “more accurate” and give Ukraine a “game changing” ability are not only false, it omits the fact that Russia has much more capable systems firing rockets just as accurate and at much further ranges.


Wall Street Journal – U.S. Himars Help to Hold Off Russian Advance, Ukraine Says:
France24 – Can US-supplied HIMARS be a game changer for Ukraine?:
Guardian – Himars: what are the advanced rockets US is sending Ukraine?:
Reuters – Russia says it destroyed 4 HIMARS launchers, in claim denied by Ukraine:
JANES – Ukraine conflict: Russian forces employ guided rockets:
TASS – Powerful Tornado-S multiple rocket launchers to arrive for Russian troops this year:

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