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US-Europe Attempt to Cover up Southeast Asian Meddling & How to Expose It

กรุณาเปิดแคป ชั่นใน YouTube (CC) แล้วกดเลือกภาษาไทย (now with Thai subtitles)

– The US government along with its European partners maintain an extensive network of interference in Southeast Asia;

– The US seeks to transform Southeast Asia into a united front against China, the region currently has a close and growing relationship with Beijing;

– US-European-funded organizations have begun covering up information about their finances, associations, and actual agendas including FORSEA;

– FORSEA was founded in France & claims to be a “Southeast Asian” organization pursuing “democracy,” yet does not disclose its funding;

– US-backed Thai opposition figures are included among its co-founders and as participants at FORSEA events, including those opposed to the Thai monarchy and military;

– The Thai monarchy and military have, for generations, united and maintained Thai independence and remains the only nations in Southeast Asia who was not colonized by a Western power;

– The US seeks to undermine & remove both the monarchy and military as part of a wider regime-change agenda;

– FORSEA has recently complained about Thai independent media exposing their interference in Thailand’s internal political affairs;

– FORSEA’s website contains multiple articles explicitly mentioning and attacking the Thai monarchy and military;

– FORSEA’s “secretary general” has a long history of working with and for the US government though the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, and other organizations;

– Other members of FORSEA’s board of directors also have a background working for US government-funded projects interfering in Southeast Asia’s internal political affairs;

– Southeast Asia could adopt something similar to Hong Kong, China’s National Security Law, cutting US-European funding off to groups attempting to divide and destroy the region;


FORSEA – FORSEA Statement regarding Thailand’s TOP NEWS’s Baseless News Story about the Abolition of the Monarchy in Thailand:

FORSEA Statement regarding Thailand’s TOP NEWS’s Baseless News Story about the Abolition of the Monarchy in Thailand

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