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US-British Strikes on Yemen Seek to Provoke Wider War with Iran

-US-British strikes on Yemen have predictably only escalated regional tensions;

-Yemen has been targeted for years not only by US-British backed Saudi air and missile strikes, but also a multi-year, Saudi-led ground invasion, neither of which impacted Ansar Allah’s military capabilities;

– US-British strikes on Yemen have only made passage through the Red Sea more dangerous, delaying by many months the possibility of commercial shipping returning to the route;

– US policy papers have laid out the ultimate objective for the region is removing Iran as a competitor through regime change using covert action within Iran while undermining Iranian allies across the region;

– Rather than attempting to de escalate and stabilize the region, it is clear the US is determined to do exactly the opposite, ultimately hoping to draw Iran into a direct confrontation;


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Reuters – US personnel suffer minor injuries in Iraq base attack: U.S. official (January 21, 2024):
Defense News – Patriot missile defense systems now active in Iraq, say US officials (April 2020):

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