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Urologist explains why people get “Morning Wood” (& a shocking history lesson!)😲

Learn why men get “morning wood,” also known as nocturnal penile tumescence or sleep-related erections. There are four major contributors and these are completely normal and expected! Learn the fascinating history behind how society viewed these erections and even how sometimes having nighttime erections was used to prove virility!

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0:00 Introduction
0:51 history of nocturnal erections
2:51 modern day research on sleep related erections
3:20 nocturnal erections in women
3:52 what do nocturnal erections mean?
4:25 Parasympathetic Nervous System Changes at Night
4:52 Hormonal Changes
5:09 Friction
5:16 Sacral reflex due to bladder fullness
5:45 how many nocturnal erections is normal
6:00 how to stop getting morning wood?
6:17 causes of decreased sleep related erections
6:54 what to do if you’re not getting morning erections?

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Rena Malik, MD is a urologist and pelvic surgeon on youtube to educate people about all things urology including erectile dysfunction, how to increase testosterone, problems with sex, premature ejaculation, urinary leakage, or incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary tract infections, prostate issues and more.

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