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Underappreciated Movies On Disney+ You Need To Watch Right Now

Alongside the wealth of mega-blockbusters and beloved animated staples, Disney+ boasts hundreds of shows and films. These include films you may have loved as a child — especially if you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s — as well as a host of gems you likely haven’t seen yet.

For anyone whose adult life bears little resemblance to the person you thought you’d be when you grew up, Disney’s The Kid is for you. The Kid follows Russ Duritz, played by Bruce Willis in one of his rare comedic roles that’s completely free of action. Duritz is a jaded image consultant whose sense of morality, ethics, and childlike wonder are all buried deep beneath his drive for success at all costs. But when a young boy named Rusty shows up uninvited in his house, both are horrified to realize that they’re the same person at different ages. Rusty is particularly disappointed that Russ hasn’t fulfilled any of the hopes and dreams he had for himself as a child.

Predictably, Russ and Rusty go on to learn valuable lessons from each other throughout The Kid, and each comes out of their magical encounter better than when they began. But although there’s a lot to appreciate here thematically, the main reason to watch The Kid is for the enchanting chemistry between Willis and his younger counterpart, Spencer Breslin, who play wonderfully off each other and do a great job convincing us that they’re the same person.

It’s especially fun to watch their shared mannerisms and expressions, and their reactions to discovering they have the same weird habits and ticks.

The ’90s were a golden age for high-concept comedies. Case in point: Sister Act, the story of a rough-around-the-edges Reno nightclub singer who goes into hiding in a San Francisco convent after witnessing a murder, and winds up revitalizing the nuns’ struggling choir in the process. Whoopi Goldberg stars as Deloris, who assumes the identity of reluctant nun Sister Mary Clarence. She’s joined by Harry Potter’s own Maggie Smith as the Reverend Mother and Harvey Keitel as Deloris’ murderous ex-boyfriend Vince, with an incredible supporting cast rounding out the colorful choir members.

The story of Deloris hiding out in the convent choir and bonding with the community of nuns is amusing enough, but what really elevates Sister Act are the songs. Not only does Deloris’ presence inject new vitality into the music the choir performs, but she also livens up both the singers and the church itself, drawing in new parishioners who are curious about the energetic music they’ve heard drifting out of the sanctuary doors.


The Kid | 0:00
Sister Act | 1:33
White Fang | 2:40
The Rocketeer | 3:41
Who Framed Roger Rabbit | 5:11
Flight of the Navigator | 6:32
Return to Oz | 7:45
Bedknobs and Broomsticks | 9:05
The Three Musketeers | 10:02

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