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Ukraine’s “Big Push” Results in Big Losses as Offensive Nears 2 Months

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for July 31, 2023

– Ukraine’s “big push” over the past week has resulted in minimum gains and massive losses;

– Ukraine’s “big push” followed weeks of exercising an alleged “artillery advantage” used to soften Russian defenses;

– Western analysts used the same flawed process to assess Ukraine’s artillery capabilities they used to assess the supposed likelihood NATO armor would cut through Russian defenses;

– The US rushing M1 Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine by fall will make no difference on the battlefield, they are too few in number and no more capable than the German Leopard 2 tanks Ukraine has used in a so-far failed offensive;

– Russian defenses are layered specifically to absorb Ukrainian advances and preserve Russian manpower and equipment as they move back to successive lines of defenses;

– Ukraine’s attempt to gain territory amid a war of attrition is only accelerating its own defeat;

– A German army report blaming Ukrainian soldiers for the poor outcomes of the offensive is an unfair attempt to shift blame away from NATO;


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