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Ukraine Uses ATACMS as Offensive Culminates, Israeli Military Targets Civilians Ahead Urban Op

Update on the conflict in Ukraine and Israel-Gaza for October 19, 2023:

– Ukraine uses ATACMS missiles to hit Russian airfields, causing damage to several aircraft;

– The missiles exist in too small of quantities versus Russia’s more capable and numerous Iskander missile ballistic and cruise missiles;

– Ukraine will continue to use “wonder weapons” to distract from the overall degradation of its military capabilities;

– Israel is almost certainly behind a recent hospital strike in Gaza;

– Israel demanded these hospitals be evacuated, a virtual death sentence to those being treated there according to the UN;

– Israel already declared a Gaza-wide bombing campaign focused on “damage” over “precision;”

– The strike involved a weapon with destructive power only Israel possess, possibly a guided rocket fired from an Israeli M270 which are admittedly being used to target Gaza (see references below);

– Israel appears to be laying down preparatory fire for a ground incursion which will be a very costly operation in terms of time, manpower, equipment, and ammunition;

– based on other military operations like this in both Gaza in 2014, Fallujah in 2004, and recent fighting in Ukraine, Israel and its US-backers will have stockpiles and military industrial output stretched to the absolute limits leaving little room for error or additional contingencies;


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Hananya Naftali on Twitter – Retraction of claims Israel carried out hospital strike (October 18, 2023):

Haaretz – Israel Halts Medical Treatment for Members of Syria’s Nusra Front (2015):
NBC News – Another Gaza Hospital Hit by Israeli Strike; Four Dead, 40 Hurt (2014):
Times of Israel – IDF: Multiple rocket launcher used to target Hamas in Gaza for first time since 2006 (October 11, 2023):

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