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Ukraine Seeks F16s, Patriot Missiles, & Leopard Tanks – Russian Ops in Ukraine Sept.18, 2022

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for September 18, 2022

– Ukrainian offensives in Kherson and Kharkov have both ground to a halt;

– Near Kherson, a Russian strike on a dam up-river of the Ingulets has flooded crossings, isolating Ukrainian bridgeheads east of the river;

– Ukrainian forces have been fighting for days attempting to take eastern Kopiansk with no success as Russian reinforcements arrive;

– Potential Ukrainian offensives elsewhere are still a possibility;

– Winter fighting may see Russian military aviation given the advantage as Ukrainian forces’ ability to hide in forests diminishes;

– The US is sending fewer and fewer weapons and ammunition to Ukraine;

– Future talk of sending advanced weapons from Patriots and F-16’s, to Grey Eagle drones and Leopard main battle tanks ignore how impractical this aid would be;


Live UA Map:
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