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Tragic On-Screen Deaths We Still Haven’t Recovered From

Even though you may know TV and movies aren’t real, it can still break your heart when your fictional friends fall into a black hole or get stabbed in the neck by their evil clone. Unfortunately for us and our emotions, this makes for great storytelling, so here are some of the saddest on-screen death scenes you’ll ever see.

In the original Star Wars trilogy, Han Solo undergoes a classic heroic transformation. When you first meet him, he’s a callous rogue who pushes others away, and only cares about cash, but by the time Return of the Jedi rolls around, he’s found redemption, purpose, and the love of his life. It’s a nice, tidy ending, which is what made Han’s actual fate in Star Wars: The Force Awakens so grueling: apparently, even in a galaxy so far, far away, happy endings are never quite so easy. While fans spent 30 years imagining that Han and Leia lived happily ever after, it turns out that their bouncing little boy became the next Darth Vader, their marriage hit the rocks, and Han went back to smuggling. By the time the older Han finally makes his appearance, his famous wisecracks are now tinged with a sense of loss.

What makes Han’s death the saddest scene in Star Wars history, though, is that he dies simply for trying to do right by his son. Even though the younger Han would’ve hit the road, and the older Han knows Kylo Ren will probably kill him, the famously scruffy nerf herder can’t help but make one final effort to redeem the kid he raised. From the moment Han approaches Kylo, every fan in the universe knows he’s about to get his Obi-Wan moment, but that only makes the eventual lightsaber stab even harder to watch.

Breaking Bad was packed full of dark, grisly, and uncomfortable moments, but the one that everyone still winces over is the scene where Jesse’s girlfriend, Jane, asleep after a last-hurrah drug binge, chokes on her own vomit, and Walt does nothing. It’s an easy solution to prevent Jane from exposing him, which she’d earlier threatened to do. His conscious decision to allow Jane to die might be the moment where Walt truly “broke bad” in the most awful way. From that point on, there was no going back.

Disturbing as this was, it’s even worse when Jesse’s later girlfriend Andrea is shot by Todd in the show’s penultimate episode. While Jane and Jesse were largely terrible for each other, Andrea is just a single mother trying to give her son, Brock, a better life, and she’s only murdered because Jesse refuses to cook meth for Todd’s sociopathic gang of neo Nazis. Todd casually shoots her in the back of the head, while Jesse watches, leaving Brock an orphan. Keep watching the video to see all the tragic on-screen deaths we still haven’t recovered from.

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Han Solo | 0:00
Jane and Andrea | 1:44
John Coffey | 3:11
Uncle Ben | 4:09
Hodor | 5:41
Erik Killmonger | 6:45
Barb | 8:15
Anastasia “Dee” Dualla | 9:13
Peter Parker/Spider-Man | 10:24
Littlefoot’s Mother | 11:36
Mufasa | 12:54
Artax | 13:44
Jack Twist | 14:38
Wilson | 15:28
Logan | 16:33

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