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Top Exercise Scientist Shares his Life Hack for Optimal Performance

In this episode, Dr. Andy Galpin reveals his latest research on hormone-based birth control and its effects on the sex hormones and gut microbiome of female athletes. They delve into the challenges of women-specific research and the quest to untangle the web of how exercise and birth control influence overall health. This conversation sheds light on the need for more comprehensive data on women in sports, the physiological nuances of performance, and the importance of resilience. He also discusses his approach to life, emphasizing the avoidance of dependency on routines for peak performance. The episode is a thought-provoking exploration of the intricacies of female athletic health, emphasizing the movement from good to great, and the necessity of listening to one’s body for optimal personal performance and wellbeing.

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00:00 Lab projects
00:27 Female athletes & birth control study
01:05 Hormones and libido discussion
02:01 Exercise impact on gut microbiome
03:03 Menstrual cycle’s effect on studies
04:00 Keeping research notes
04:48 Daily non-negotiables
06:41 Changing the world with data
09:07 Listening to your body

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