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Top 10 Tik Tok Beauty Hacks You Shouldn’t Try

Top 10 Tik Tok Beauty Hacks You Shouldn’t Try
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I dont know about you guys, but since we have been in the Q, ive been addicted to tik tok. Honestly i know we got a lot of tik tok haters on the channel and i get it, but once the algorithm knows what you like, it literally serves up the best videos. And for me a lot of those videos are beauty related, and there are some literally life changing hacks on there that i use daily. But some of the hacks arnt so great, and actually can be kinda dangerous. Hey whats up IOers its mackenzie here and today on the channel im gonna be listing the Top 10 Tik Tok Beauty Hacks You Shouldn’t Try. and of course to each their own, some of these hacks might actually work great for you, but before you do them, i just wanna inform you guys of some of the risks you could be taking. Also before i get into it make sure to go down below and subscribe to never miss an upload from us. Okay now lets get into it!

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