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Toddler Month by Month: Month 33 | Subt. ING/ FR/ ES/ ZHO_CN | Cloudmom

#Grossmotorskills, when and how to potty train, diet and sleep schedules, the Bracey update, and more in #Month33 of my Toddler Month by Month series.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Bracey Update
00:35 Speech Milestones at 33 Months
03:32 Physical Development at 33 Months
03:52 Fine Motor Skills at 33 Months
05:05 Solids for 33 months old toddler
05:42 Sleep & Feeding Schedules for a 33-Month-Old-Toddler
06:14 Potty Training at 33 Months
06:36 Bracey’s Potty Training Experience
07:00 Average Weight & Height for a 33-Month-Old-Toddler

Toddler Month by Month: 33

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