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Toddler Month by Month | Month 22

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Developmental Milestones
00:24 How Much Should my 22-Month-Old Talk?
01:22 How Can I Encourage my 22-Month-Old to Talk?
01:59 How Should my 22-Month-Old be Moving?
02:56 Physical Activities for a 20-Month-Old Toddler
03:08 Intellectual Activities for a 22-Month-Old-Toddler
03:16 Tips for Finger painting with a Toddler.
04:18 What Should my 22-Month-Old be Eating?
05:07 Solid Foods and Sleep Schedule for a 22-Month-Old
06:17 Growth and Development of 22-Month-Old-Baby
06:20 Average 22-Month-Old Height and Weight?
06:45 Bracey Height and Weight at 22 Months of Age
06:53 :Bracey update


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