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Tiny floating home with pop-up pod sleeps 6

The Nautilus houseboats are modeled on their namesake, the spiraled-shell mollusc, to fit seamlessly with the natural world. Nautilus Hauseboot owner/founder Andreas Hoffmann designed the craft when he couldn’t find the right houseboat for his family. As a trained carpenter and architect and sailor/windsurfer, he wanted to combine his passion for water and his professional skills.

The midcentury-modern-inspired floating home comes in two sizes- the Nautino mini (16m²) and the maxi (21.5m²)- and is prefabbed with a front of solid glass walls so nature is always in view. Even the 16m² (172 square foot) space can sleep 6 (a pop-up roof bedroom, plus one downstairs, as well as a double sofabed). Measuring approximately 13.3 meters long (43.6 feet), the Nautilus features a convertible roof system that expands into the second bedroom, foldable gangways, and space for solar panels along the rear deck.

Hoffman’s newest floating home the EiHome (“Ei” is German for egg) is an egg-shaped floating home with windows covering one side of the structure. A 50m² roof area can be covered with solar panels.


On *faircompanies https://faircompanies.com/videos/nautilus-shaped-houseboats-mimic-natural-proportions-in-berlin/


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