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Times Rick And Morty Poked Fun At Marvel

One franchise that’s been the butt of Rick and Morty jokes time and time again has been Marvel. From Hulk references to Avengers jokes, here’s all the times Rick and Morty poked fun at Marvel.

In the season two episode “Total Rickall,” the Smith family finds themselves plagued by an interstellar parasite that has the ability to implant false memories into its hosts. Each time they have a flashback, a new parasite joins their midst in the form of a wacky character.

In one such dubious memory, the family, along with their friend Mr. Poopybutthole, is seen leaving a musical play based on the life of the Hulk. They seem pretty excited about the play, and Jerry is even wearing a pair of fake Hulk hands.

This is actually a two-for-one reference that not only gives a nod to the big green guy but also seems to be an allusion to the real, disastrous Spider-Man Broadway musical that injured several stunt performers starting back in 2010. A number of these injuries were life-threatening, and the play experienced a range of other calamities. With a price tag of $75 million dollars, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is the most expensive Broadway musical ever made, and even though it holds the Broadway box office record for single-week sales, taking in $2.9 million over a span of nine performances, it still lost nearly $60 million.

Watch the video for more about times Rick and Morty poked fun at Marvel!

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Hulk: The Musical | 0:00
Meet Octopus-Man | 1:19
Rick and Morty’s Iron Man suits | 2:08
The Vindicators | 2:58
Worldender and Thanos | 3:59
Vance Maximus, Renegade Starsoldier | 4:53

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