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TIDES OF SORROW – Bittersweet Dark Atmospheric Fantasy Orchestral Music

Tides of Sorrow is a brooding orchestral collection combines epic, atmospheric melodies with deep, emotional undertones, taking you on a dark, reflective, and bittersweet adventure. Featuring hauntingly dramatic violin strings, the music is perfect for inspiring creativity, determination, and serious reflection, or simply getting lost in its rich and evocative soundscape.

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TIDES OF SORROW – Bittersweet Dark Atmospheric Fantasy Orchestral Music
Published by Position Music
00:00 Kings & Creatures – Torn Apart
02:17 Kings & Creatures – Captive
05:31 Kings & Creatures – Control
08:19 Kings & Creatures – Black Room
10:59 Kings & Creatures – Burning Castles
13:51 Kings & Creatures – Spirals

Artwork & Animation by Pandora Journey

Kings & Creatures is a vibrant collective of composers and sound designers passionate about bringing exciting, genuine and refreshingly inspired epic music to the world. We are committed to delivering unique compositions that resonate deeply with listeners worldwide. At K & C, we revel in exploring uncharted musical territories, deriving inspiration from the most unconventional and intriguing sounds to craft refreshingly unique musical experiences.

This Music is Ideal for fans of cinematic orchestral music, powerful soundtracks, and evocative ambient music mixes, this collection delivers introspective melodies and somber orchestral tunes that are both heartfelt and uplifting. Experience the beauty of epic violin strings and inspirational soundscapes, designed to provide an epic adventure through haunting orchestral themes.

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