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This SHADOW DATA Shows Real Estate Will Push Higher (Post Pandemic)

This SHADOW DATA Shows Real Estate Will Push Higher (Post Pandemic)

Time Stamps:
1:25 – will the pandemic crash the real estate market
4:30 – why there is no such thing as a real estate market
6:10 – 3 types of markets
9:10 – What the great migration means for Real Estate
11:30 – Valuing Todays RE Prices
14:00 – How To Get Paid to take a mortgage loan out
19:00 – leveraged buyouts
20:20 – Will we have a foreclosure crisis?
23:00 – the Shadow States Case Slides

while most people think that Real Estate will crash post-pandemic, this shadow data shows there might be some real estate that could actually go up in prices.

There are many things that people fail to take into consideration when looking at real estate prices throughout the country in the world that affect the way the prices will move.

Everybody seems to be focused on the economy crashing the late payments piling up, the foreclosures that are for sure to happen, and the rent evictions that will.

While all of these factors are very bad for the housing markets, they are no guarantee of what the future may hold and overwhelming Shadow evidence and data shows that the real estate market might not move the way you expect it.

Real estate expert Jason Hartman sits down and explains the shadow data and give us an idea of what we should be looking for an expecting if you want to buy and own real estate post-pandemic


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