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This Old House | Ramp Up the R Value (S40 E5) | FULL EPISODE

Insulation is crucial to a net zero house. Kevin finds Jeff and the apprentices starting the work. Dana shops for efficient yet decorative lighting. Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build false rafter tails and then they install them.

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Progress on the 1920’s bungalow continues. Kevin walks through the newly framed first floor. Outside, Jeff has come up with a special formula for insulating the house. Today he starts with a warm blanket of rigid insulation over an air and water barrier on the outside of the sheathing. Jeff and the apprentices nail in the panels. Finding the right balance between efficiency and aesthetics is crucial to Dana and Donald. Kevin drops in as Dana and her mother, an interior designer, are shopping for some lighting. The goal is to find a style that dresses each room like a jewel and at the same time doesn’t break the budget. The showroom manager shows them some options. With a tight house, real rafter tails poking through the insulation would act as a bridge for heat to escape to the outside. In this house, the rafter tails are cut off inside the attic at the exterior wall. The homeowners like the rafter tail look, which is a common feature of bungalows, so Jeff and Tommy are working with the apprentices in Jeff’s shop to create an ascetically pleasing alternative.

Decorative Lighting
Circa Lighting

Air and water barrier
GCP Applied Technologies

Rigid insulation
Huber ZipSystem

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This Old House | Ramp Up the R Value (S40 E5) | FULL EPISODE


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