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This Old House | Norm Revisits a Skylight (S40 E18) | FULL EPISODE

Kevin O’Connor meets electrician Heath Eastman to learn about in-counter outlets. Tom Silva visits former apprentice Nathan Gilbert to see what he’s been up to over the past year. Back at the house, Norm Abram teaches Carly how to frame a skylight.

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The homeowners want living space in the basement. To clear the space of lally columns, Tom, Charlie, Kevin and the apprentices install a steel beam. A sleek modern kitchen with lots of glass means limited options for electrical wall outlets. Kevin finds Sunil working with electrician Heath Eastman to decide where receptacles can and must go. The flat Mid-Century modern roof lends itself to a rubber surface. Kevin finds Tom working with the roofing company to install one on the addition. One of the first apprentices from the Generation Next initiative was Nathan Gilbert, who has continued his career as a carpenter. Tom pitches in with Nathan on a small project in order to find out what he’s been up to since he graduated from the program. Forty years ago, one of Norm’s first projects for This Old House was to install a skylight on our first renovation in Dorchester. Today Norm teaches the next generation of tradespeople how to master that skill. Our apprentice Carly is the student.

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This Old House | Norm Revisits a Skylight (S40 E18) | FULL EPISODE


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