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This Old House | Eight Is Enough Stairways (S40 E20) | FULL EPISODE

Tom Silva teaches Kevin O’Connor how to calculate the riser height for a set of stairs. The foundation is insulated with a DIY foam system. Radiant heat is installed, and Norm Abram and Richard Trethewey head to Santa Fe to visit the project they did 30 years ago.

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With seven different levels, midcentury modern homes have no shortage of stairs. Kevin finds Tom figuring out how many risers are needed for stairs going from the new living room to a loft. In the basement, demo has exposed the old concrete foundation walls on the ground floor. Kevin finds Tom starting to insulate those walls. He uses a light weight foam system with studs and channels for electric wires built into foam. Our homeowners are big fans of radiant heat. There are several varieties of radiant going into our project. Richard and Kevin Bilo install a radiant system under a wood floor in the new loft. In the kitchen, the stove is against a huge bank of windows, so Tom explains the plan for getting the exhaust gasses out the building. To celebrate our 10th season on air, Norm and Richard spent months working on a project in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 30 years later, they’re heading back to see how everything has held up.

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This Old House | Eight Is Enough Stairways (S40 E20) | FULL EPISODE


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