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Home Homes Home Improvement This Old House | Can We Cantilever (S40 E21) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Can We Cantilever (S40 E21) | FULL EPISODE

Tom Silva shows Kevin O’Connor the careful process of installing rafters for a cantilevered roof. Inside, Richard Trethewey solves a venting problem for the kitchen sink before tackling the AC ductwork puzzle. Later, Tom and Kevin install snow cleats on the roof.

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The final roof section of the house is over the new living room addition. It’s unique because it cantilevers out over a balcony. But as Kevin finds out from Tom, that means installing the rafters takes more care. In the kitchen, the main counter is up against a wall of windows and that causes a problem for venting the drain for the sink. Richard shows Kevin how to install a Bow Vent to send the pipe down through the basement. Outside, Kevin finds Tom giving our apprentice Erick a lesson in letting siding breathe. The HVAC crew has been busy with ductwork and today Richard is helping install an air handler for the bedroom wing. A flat roof in New England can turn into a wintery mess if ice and snow slide onto a doorway. Kevin finds Tom installing cleats on the roof over an entrance.

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This Old House | Can We Cantilever (S40 E21) | FULL EPISODE


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