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This Old House | Beam Me Up Tommy (S40 E17) | FULL EPISODE

The foundation of the house has no footings, so Mark McCullough pours a buttress. Kevin O’Connor visits the 2001 Manchester by the Sea project. Back at the house, Richard Trethewey solves a ductwork puzzle while Kevin and Tom Silva install a PVC trim overhang.

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The foundation on our Mid-Century Modern house has no footings. Kevin finds Mark McCullough fixing the problem by pouring a buttress along the foundation. As part of our 40-year anniversary we are revisiting some of our most memorable projects. Kevin travels to Manchester by the Sea in Massachusetts to check out one of our largest restorations. Back in Brookline, Richard shows how a mid-century modern open floor plan with high ceilings means there is very little space for HVAC ductwork. New technology will help solve that problem. Like most Mid-Century moderns, ours has deep soffits. Kevin finds Tommy and Charlie fashioning them out of PVC. Tommy explains the need to compensate for expansion and contraction based on the weather. Inside, our homeowners want an open kitchen so Tommy, Norm and Charlie show our apprentices how it’s done.

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This Old House | Beam Me Up Tommy (S40 E17) | FULL EPISODE


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