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Home Homes Home Improvement This Old House | Air Tight House (S40 E8) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Air Tight House (S40 E8) | FULL EPISODE

Richard watches as the home is sealed against air leaks. Jeff reviews his pre-drywall checklist. Kevin sees the landscape plan. Jeff fabricates pieces for porch columns and rails. Tommy puts on shingles as the final layer of the exterior wall system.

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With a net zero house, preventing air leakage is very important. Richard watches a process that finds all cracks in the house and sprays a sealant into them. Jeff reviews the second floor plans with apprentice Kevin to confirm door swings, bathroom fixtures and valve locations. They also mark out stud locations to be seen after the drywall is up. He clearly labels information for the subcontractors in order to save time later. Outside, Kevin meets landscape architect Tom Ryan who reviews his plans. The first order of business is to make sure there is enough sun exposure on the solar panels that will live on the new barn’s south facing roof. Some trees will need to come down and some will need to be trimmed back. The second goal is to create spaces in the yard for the family members to work on projects as well as to relax. At the back of the house, Jeff shows a model of a cutaway he made to illustrate the exterior wall components for a net zero house. The wall is assembled with layers of insulation, OSB sheathing, engineered panels, air and water barrier and cedar fabric, bringing the R-value to almost 30. For the final layer, Tommy shows how to stagger the white cedar shingles using stainless steel staples. He works with Jeff and Kevin to finish off the corner.

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This Old House | Air Tight House (S40 E8) | FULL EPISODE


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