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This Is The Right Order To Watch Every Star Wars Movie

It’s a debate that’s raged among Star Wars fans since time immemorial … or at least since the prequels came out. What’s the right order to watch every Star Wars movie? Well, pour yourself a glass of blue milk and settle in to watch every Star Wars movie in the right order.

If you’re going to make the commitment to watch every single Star Wars movie, there’s only one place you can logically start – and it’s not with Episode I. The first three Star Wars movies, commonly referred to as the original trilogy, remain the defining example of what Star Wars is to this day. Almost everything that’s iconic about the franchise, from lightsabers and the Force to droids and John Williams’ score, was introduced in the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope. Seriously, this film is what most people think of when they hear the words “Star Wars,” and it remains one of the most iconic movies ever made.

By beginning your Star Wars journey with A New Hope, which was originally just called Star Wars, in case you needed further proof of where to start, you’re experiencing the space saga in its purest form. The original trilogy was the only version of Star Wars that existed for almost two decades, and every film that’s come since has been loaded with references and callbacks to these movies in a never ending quest to match their reputation and status.

And A New Hope alone introduces loads of some of the most recognizable characters in cinema, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The original trilogy is the definition of Star Wars, and to fully comprehend the saga you’re about to undertake, you need to watch A New Hope first.

Since we’ve established you’re starting your Star Wars marathon with the original trilogy, your next appointment is, of course, with The Empire Strikes Back. As the direct sequel to A New Hope, the 1980 film – which is often lauded as the best in the franchise – further builds on the characters and story of its predecessor, while also introducing some new franchise icons.

Luke continues his Jedi training, working his way up to an eventual confrontation with Darth Vader. Yoda is introduced as Luke’s new Jedi master and instantly becomes a fan favorite. Boba Fett is also introduced as the bounty hunter who hunts down Han Solo and freezes him in carbonite. And Lando Calrissian shows up as well, the only man in the galaxy who could actually be cooler than Han Solo. The story developments in the film are also notable, as the Empire gains strength by beating the Rebels at every turn, a relationship blossoms between Han and Leia, and Luke discovers that Vader is his father in one of cinema’s most memorable twists. Keep watching the video to see that this is the right order to watch every Star Wars movie!


A New Hope | 0:16
The Empire Strikes Back | 1:40
Return of the Jedi | 3:00
The Phantom Menace | 4:12
Attack of the Clones | 5:44
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | 6:51
Revenge of the Sith | 8:00
Solo: A Star Wars Story | 9:19
The Force Awakens | 10:41
The Last Jedi | 12:03
The Rise of Skywalker | 13:23
The Mandalorian | 14:41

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