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This 5 Foot 3 Giant Slayer Teaches A Lesson

Saenchai is recognized as one of the greatest Muay Thai practitioners of all time. In this segment he shows us a basic fundamental to his style. Thank you for joining me as we take a closer glance.

Rough draft script: “First we have to recognize the greatness we are witnessing. Here we have Saenchai; a Muay Thai legend renound as one of the greatest, teaching a simple one and two. He first wants you to go slow, mastering the simple fundamental regardless of direction… And then, once you build the foundation, to speed it up, add footwork. He doesn’t turn his shoulder over heavily for extra reach, he maintains balance and poise. It’s not emphasizing power, it’s simple and clean. Perhaps this is unexpected of Saenchai, afterall, his style is beautiful and flashy… But the reality is, his level of mastery was achieved building many fundamentals, to which he then plays like strums on a guitar. It’s like a chef mastering a simple cut of the knife… But as he does, he improves the precision, the speed, the versatility of the simple fundamental. Beyond martial arts, that is what life is… you get good at the simple things, and then when your diligence and discipline comes together, like beautiful music, the world assumes that there is some kind of magic to the composition… But this is the reality. Beyond the arena, this is life… The master simply has more well polished fundamentals, more patience, and discipline regardless of arena. It’s focus, it’s attention to the details… Many details, over and over again with room to learn more as profficiency increases, as time goes on. This is it… Saenchai just showed us the working firmament holding up his starry shine. It’s humbling… Because we have to remember, this man is a legend, recognized as one of the greatest of all time… Life is within your contorl… It’s right infront of you, the things you can work on, the places where you may start… It’s been so obvious and transparent that it’s humbling when you fully understand… There was no short cut, attention and focus refining the basics with room to learn more as you go along… That’s it. It’s humbling, beautiful… Through the Muay Thai giant slayer we find that God made a world we could all hold… Thank you Saenchai for this beautiful lesson. Thank you to all of you, I love you all. And until next time, peace.”


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